fire burns down houses

Burning Question for Babies’ Health

UMD Leads National Study on Long-Term Effects of Wildfires

Fall 2023 Explorations
Hal Daumé III behind projection of code

Building AI You Can Trust

Researcher Heading New $20M NSF-Backed Institute Says Systems Should Support Societal Good

Fall 2023 Explorations Faculty Q&A
Jennifer Smallwood-Holmes talks to kids in classroom

Preschool Director Explains How to Turn Tots’ Chatter Into Conversation

Ask an Expert: Advice for Real Life

Fall 2023 Explorations
Toucha11y rendering

An Ally for Access

Palm-sized Robot Navigates Touchscreens for Visually Impaired Users

Fall 2023 Explorations
bus shelter with plant growing on top

Gimme (Green) Shelter

UMD-Grown, Plant-Packed Bus Shelters Debut Near Campus

Fall 2023 Explorations
holding hands

Better Together

We’ll Give Up a Lot to Share Experiences With Loved Ones, Study Shows

Fall 2023 Explorations
water from air absorbing into black cube

Water Out of Thin Air

Invention Offers Trickle of Hope for Climate-Driven Crisis

Fall 2023 Explorations
Camden Yards

‘Mallpark’ Figure

How MLB Stadiums Scored With Fans by Adding Shopping, Theme Park Elements

Fall 2023 Explorations
woman with briefcase walking through red tape

Why Noncompetes Could Soon Be a Non-Thing

Maryland Economist’s Studies Fueled Federal Drive to Ban Controversial Employee Contracts

Spring 2023 Explorations Faculty Q&A
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