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Spring 2019

Spring 2019

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Outwit, Outplay, Do Your Homework

Dedicated—and slightly obsessed—Terps created their own version of “Survivor.” Twelve smartphone-shot seasons later, they’ve kept the torch burning, and passed…
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Growing Concerns

Full legalization of marijuana is often considered inevitable. But as the industry takes off, Terp entrepreneurs and academics alike are still wrestling with…
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A Start to Healing

One hundred years ago, the flu pandemic had an unexpected side effect: a civil rights breakthrough for black nurses. In an upcoming book, a UMD professor will tell their stories.

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The Big Question

What’s the Hardest Lesson You’ve Learned? Illustration by Matt Laumann Stephen Brighton Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Honors…
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A Character Sketch

How an Alum Created the Look of Some of Your Favorite Pixar Stars by Chris Carroll | Photos courtesy of Pixar It took 81 minutes—the running time of…
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Alumni Association News

Letter From the Executive Director A lot can change in 30 years: Ratsie’s to Nandos, the Rendezvous to Cornerstone, the old Cole Field House to the new Cole…

Unfair Strike Zone?

Research Shows How Pollutants Lead to Bad Calls by Annie Dankelson | Illustration by Jason Keisling James Archsmith considers himself only a moderate…
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Diary of a Diamondback

Alum’s Entries Give Glimpse of 1930s Terp Life by Annie Dankelson | Photo by Stephanie S. Cordle Prom prep back in 1930 looked a lot like it does…
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Making Scents of Data

Researchers Explore Use of Smells to Help Convey Visual Information by Chris Carroll | Photo by Biswaksen Panaik From freshly baked bread to a natural gas…
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