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Terp magazine
University of Maryland
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Send a letter to the editor, share your views of the magazine or website or inform us of a change in address:

Want to announce your promotion, wedding, addition to the family, new book or other news to fellow Terps? Send your Class Note information to University Editor Lauren Brown at or 301.405.4612.

Magazine Staff

A pile of people in UMD’s Office of Marketing and Communications contribute to every issue of Terp, but if you have questions, feedback or complaints (even those!), feel free to contact the main magazine crew:

Lauren Brown has been the editor of Terp and many other UMD publications since 2008. A former newspaper editor, she’s never had a cup of coffee because she’s naturally caffeinated. She likes teaching her sons to spot typos, gets defensive about reading non-literature and takes playing ’80s trivia games a little too seriously.

A native Marylander and former newspaper reporter, Liam Farrell moved back to the East Coast from the Midwest in 2013 to work at UMD and cure his crab cake deficiency. He enjoys really long magazine articles, loafers and making his daughter and baby boy giggle.

Chris Carroll joined Terp in 2015 to write mostly about science, and a little about everything else. A former staffer at Stars and Stripes, National Geographic and others, he’s helped corral buffalo, watched the Afghan desert roll past from a tiltrotor aircraft door, developed chronic seasickness on a Newfoundland fishing boat and badly cracked his car—a plastic Saturn—on assignment.

Writer Sala Levin ’10, a born-and-bred Marylander, returned to her alma mater in 2016 to join Terp. She likes elaborate cheese boards, the worst New Yorker cartoons and pretending not to be bitter about the time she lost on “Jeopardy!”

John Consoli ’84, university photographer and Terp’s creative director, is somehow a laid-back perfectionist who shoots 10 times as many photos as he needs at any assignment. He calls nearly everyone a “crazy kook,” he’s an avid gardener, and he travels with his family around the country every summer in a beat-up van called the Love Machine.