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Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Katy Santiff poses with horse

Class Notes

News on Friends and Classmates

Illustration of birds flying near buildings

Safer Flights

Faculty, Students Study How to Make Buildings More Bird-Friendly

Ron Walsworth in lab

From MRIs to the QTC

Physicist Translates Quantum Theory Into Medical Devices and Tomorrow’s Tech

Psyche Williams-Forson portrait

No Appetite for Racist Stereotypes

In New Book, Professor Chews Over the Consequences of Food Shaming

Illustration of person dropped mask behind them as they walk, with sanitizer and glove on the ground behind them

Lockdown Breakdown

Study Finds Fatigue With Mobility Restrictions Sets in Quickly

James Webb Space Telescope

Telescope Terps

Hubble’s Giant Successor Has Plenty of Connections to UMD

IDEA Factory exterior

Sounding the ‘Factory’ Whistle

New Engineering Building Expands Students’ and Researchers’ Opportunities to Innovate

Two fencers fence in wheelchairs

En Garde for Accessibility

New Equipment Allows Students Who Use Wheelchairs to Participate in Fencing Club

Illustration of Testudo with Terrapin Strong flag

TerrapinSTRONG From the Start

Onboarding Initiative Introduces Terps to UMD’s History, Values

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