Collage of turtle stickers in transgender and pride flag colors, a Support #TransTerps button, a #TransTerps they pronoun button, and a "Debilitating Queerness" program

Out of the Shell

Twenty-five years ago, the LGBTQ+ Equity Center opened to support queer Terps who felt invisible, isolated and harassed. Some of the founders recount its humble start and hard-won victories.

Winter 2024 Features
Testudo mascot with inset images of historic mascot, student in mascot costume and student rubbing statue's nose

Standing the Testudo of Time

From Turtlenappings to TikTok Shenanigans, How an Unassuming Reptile Evolved to Represent Terp Spirit

Winter 2024 Features
homes in New Mexico

Tribal Loyalties

American Indians have long been denied fair access to homes, health care, schooling and jobs. For Joseph Kunkel M.Arch. ’09, the mission to change that is personal.

Winter 2024 Features
mobile treatment unit on the road

Roads to Recovery

In rural Maryland, a new “been-there-done- that” approach to the opioid crisis offers hope on four wheels.

Fall 2023 Features
line of taxis

All Hail David Do

Alum named NYC taxi commissioner navigates ridesharing’s rise, drivers’ economic woes—and plenty of midtown traffic.

Fall 2023 Features
two students sit on WMUC couch. Inset photos: students install radio tower; students review tally sheets

‘Get Listening, Kids’

How do you track 75 years of college radio at Maryland? Decades of deejays replay history, hijinks and the music that made WMUC.

Fall 2023 Features
tour guide speaks to couple in front of mural

D.C. History by the Forkful

Anthropology Alum’s Food Tour Dishes Out Tales From ‘Black Broadway,’ Taste of Immigrant Culinary Traditions

Spring 2023 Features
tents and crowds on McKeldin Mall, with illustrations of pencil, butterfly and sun

Deconstructing Maryland’s Open House

As UMD celebrates 25 years of Maryland Day, we share behind-the-scenes stories and stats

Spring 2023 Features
crowd gathers and mourns with purple balloons

An End to the Bleeding

The mayor of Knoxville, Tenn., picked up a UMD researcher’s book on preventing gun violence. The resulting partnership could be a model for how cities can create safer streets.

Spring 2023 Features
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