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Winter 2017

Winter 2017

photo ofMat Mortality Art

Maternal Mortality on a Troubling Rise

by Liam Farrell | illustration by Hailey Hwa Shin Nearly a decade after the United States last published official statistics on how many women die from…
photo ofClear Cuts Artwork

Clear Cuts

Researchers Work to Make Wood Windows a Reality by Charlie Wright ’17 | photo by John T. Consoli '86 UMD researchers have created a clear alternative to…
photo ofSample Resize Artwork

Sample (Re)size

Geneticist Promotes Research for the ‘Least, Last and Left Behind’ by Kimberly Marseles ’00 | photo by Ryan Lash/TED As a UMD senior, Keolu Fox ’08…
photo ofGerms Artwork

Can Germs Go the Distance?

Students’ Project on Space Station to Focus on Astronauts’ Health By Lauren Brown | illustration by Steffanie Espat ’15 Astronauts on a manned mission to…
photo ofWimpy Kid Art 620

Confessions of a "Wimpy Kid"

Kinney’s final “Igdoof” strip, the Diamondback, Dec. 13, 1993. photo by Thai Nguyen | illustrations by Jeff Kinney Jeff Kinney ’93 is just as funny…
photo ofCollege Connections Artwork

College Connections

New Group Builds Social and Communication Skills for Terps With Autism by Chris Carroll | photo by John T. Consoli '86 | illustration by Margaret…
photo ofPerfect Harmony Artwork

In Perfect Harmony

UMD and Phillips Partner on “Migration Series” Concert by Sala Levin '10 | photos courtesy of Geoff Sheil, Jacob Lawrence, The Migration Series: Panels No. 1,…
photo ofHold Salt Artwork 620

Hold the Salt

Researcher Tracks Human Cost of Keeping Roads Ice-Free by Chris Carroll | illustration by Gabriella Hernandez University geologist Sujay Kaushal was…
photo ofGateway Artwork

A Gateway to Maryland History

University Digitizes Old Newspapers, Chronicling Change and Charm by Liam Farrell | photos courtesy of UMD Archives Local newspapers are a microcosm of…
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