A Greater Perspective

Revitalization has College Park Booming and Blooming
By Lauren Brown | Photography by Stephanie S. Cordle

Tips for your next visit to College Park: Stop by MilkBoy ArtHouse for a hip-hop album release party, or to try your hand at watercolor painting. Grab a latte at Vigilante Coffee, then explore the neighboring vintage store. Stay the night, wrapped in the plushiest Turkish robe, in the Hotel at the University of Maryland.

Doesn’t sound like the college town you remember, right? It shouldn’t. This is Greater College Park, a massive $2 billion private and public investment to reimagine the Baltimore Avenue corridor, along the tracks of the coming Purple light-rail line and around the College Park Metro Station.

Today, it’s bustling with new tech ventures, eclectic businesses, ultramodern housing and a vibe you haven’t felt here before.

You can find all the details at greatercollegepark.umd.edu.

But first, take a close-up look here.



Bring back the Rendezvous!

John Travolta

Also, bring back the Paragon night club. Awesome times back in the 80's.

Stephanie Morton

Everything is great immediately in front of the campus but when you hit Knox Rd going toward DC or just past the newest hotel going toward the Beltway, it's like hitting a slum. Those areas along Rt. 1 are dirty, derelict, and digusting. CP needs to help encourage and help finance sprucing up by the many business owners in those two areas.

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