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It was only a few years ago that Matthew Hollister ’18 stood on the stage at the Do Good Challenge, telling the audience about how his father’s passing inspired him to start a nonprofit that reduces medication waste by sending unused but still-potent drugs to developing nations. He’s among the many amazing Terps—from entrepreneurs to scientists to artists to business and government leaders—who are making meaningful changes in their communities and the world. We launched our Alumni Excellence Awards in 2020 to honor some of these Terps. This year we’re celebrating Hollister and 13 other outstanding graduates (see story below), and I hope you’re just as inspired as we are by all that they have accomplished. Here at the Alumni Association, we’re eager to encourage pride as well as connections among Terps. One of the best ways to make those bonds is through the Alumni Directory, where you can create an account and locate friends, classmates and colleagues. Another way to get—or stay—in touch with fellow Terps is through the Terp Referral Exchange Business Directory. If you’re the owner or leader of a business, sign up for this business directory for the opportunity to promote your company to fellow alumni and learn about other Terp-owned businesses. Get to know other entrepreneurial Terps, and discover how you can learn from and support one another. As we enter a new year, we are excited to share lots of ways to connect with you in person and virtually. Be on the lookout for new programs and events where you can continue to strengthen your relationships with each other and the university. I wish each of you a safe and healthy winter. Go Terps!     Amy Eichhorst Associate Vice President, Alumni and Donor Relations Executive Director, Alumni Association
The Alumni Excellence Awards
University of Maryland graduates are among the best and brightest in their fields. From scholars and innovators to entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers, our alumni are leaving their mark on our state, nation and the world. The Alumni Excellence Awards provide an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of select Terps and honor these recipients with distinction. Careful consideration was made in selecting the following standout alumni, our 2021 recipients of the Alumni Excellence Awards. Learn more at Rising Terp Award The following alumni are an inspiration to the next generation of Terp leaders. All under the age of 30, they have already made significant professional accomplishments. Audrey Awasom ’18 FOUNDER, NOBLE UPRISING Awasom’s nonprofit serves women experiencing homelessness, poverty and overall hardship. Matthew Hollister ’18 CHAIRMAN AND CEO, JAMES HOLLISTER WELLNESS FOUNDATION; CO-FOUNDER, SAVE PHARMACEUTICAL Hollister’s foundation collects and sends donated medications to low-income countries. His new venture will match facilities with a pharmaceutical surplus to clinics in need. Akash Magoon ’18 CO-FOUNDER, NAYYA A computer science alum, Magoon co-founded Nayya to help employees choose and enroll in health benefits and then engage with their health plans.
EnTERPreneur Award These Terps are fearlessly disrupting their industries as successful entrepreneurs who have notably contributed to their respective fields. David C. Quattrone MBA ’05 CO-FOUNDER AND CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, CVENT Under Quattrone’s direction, Cvent has become a leading provider of meeting, event and hospitality technology for more than 23,000 customers worldwide. Lauren Foundos ’06 FOUNDER AND CEO, FORTË Foundos left a successful career as a bond trader to launch a streaming service that puts subscribers virtually in classes with instructors in gyms around the world. Pramod Raheja ’91 and Evandro Valente ’03, M.S. ’06 CO-FOUNDERS, AIRGILITY The aerospace engineering graduates now design and manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles that can improve and save lives.
Research Award The University of Maryland is one of the world’s premier research institutions. This award recognizes three alumni for their transformational research and its impact. Faez Ahmed Ph.D. ’19 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING; DIRECTOR, DESIGN COMPUTATION & DIGITAL ENGINEERING LAB, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Through his research on machine learning and engineering design, Ahmed hopes to improve product design and quality, and as a result, human efficiency. Bridget T. Kelly M.A. ’96, Ph.D. ’01 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, DIVERSITY OFFICER AND CHAIR OF THE COUNCIL ON RACIAL EQUITY AND JUSTICE, UMD COLLEGE OF EDUCATION An advocate for equity, Kelly and her research have helped educators across the country understand the experiences of women and people of color in higher education. Dr. Kathleen Maletic Neuzil ’83 MYRON M. LEVINE, M.D., DTPH, PROFESSOR IN VACCINOLOGY; DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER FOR VACCINE DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL HEALTH; CHIEF, DIVISION OF GEOGRAPHIC MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Neuzil, one of the world’s leading research scientists in vaccine development and policy, was instrumental in developing and testing COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic.
Legacy Award This distinguished award honors alumni who left a positive legacy in their community, celebrating their personal and professional lifetime achievements. John C. Ford ’64 OWNER, JOHN C. FORD ASSOCIATES Sandra Sollod Poster ’64 COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT These two communications professionals have served as ambassadors for the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and funded two dance scholarships. Rita B. Leahy Ph.D. ’89 ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY AUTHORITY Through her service on UMD’s Graduate School Doctoral Careers Advisory Board, and as founder of a speaker series established in her name, Leahy has helped doctoral students understand career options. Jonathan Claiborne ’77 RETIRED PARTNER, WHITEFORD TAYLOR PRESTON The former Terps football safety has served as president of UMD’s previous Young Alumni Organization and the M Club and supported the C. D. Mote, Jr. Incentive Awards Program.


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