portrait of Fatema Hosseini in front of a projected image of Afghans lining up to board a military jet

The Dreams of Fatema

Driven from Afghanistan by extremism, a journalism student lands at UMD and prepares to reclaim her lost homeland.

Winter 2023 Features
Japanese Americans arrive by train

Truth in Exile

Decades after more than 100,000 Japanese Americans were forced into camps during World War II, a UMD archival expert is making sure the dark history of their management finally comes to light.

Winter 2023 Features
sun shines above tobacco farm in woods

Structural Damage

Maryland’s vanishing tobacco barns represent the vestiges of slavery and a legacy of disease. UMD historic preservationists are racing to document them anyway.

Winter 2023 Features
Pile of oyster shells on boat

The Modern Battle for Maryland’s Oysters

Pirates plundered and diseases decimated the Chesapeake’s bounty, but UMD researchers are wielding AI and robotics to save a struggling industry.

Fall 2022 Features
coal miners

Coal Veins

Waves of immigrants have long clashed in Pennsylvania coal country, where a UMD anthropologist is digging into the commonalities between old and new.

Fall 2022 Features
Student splashing in the ODK Fountain

A Bucketload of Terp Traditions

The “M Book,” with its 20 don’t-miss Maryland milestones, is back. Join a super-spirited student on her journey to complete them all.

Fall 2022 Features
Contemporary photo of the Iribe Center with archival photo of circle drive by Ritchie

How We Picture Greatness

College Park is hopping and humming with new businesses, housing and other perks. See for yourself.

Spring 2022 Features Greater College Park
Sacoby Wilson

Growing Justice From Grassroots Science

Trash and toxic substances are often dumped where poor people and communities of color live. Public health researcher Sacoby Wilson is empowering them to fight for cleaner, safer conditions.

Spring 2022 Features
Bernice Sandler collage

The Godmother of Title IX

Fifty years after the law’s passage, the legacy of Bernice Sandler Ed.D. ’69 endures through the millions of girls and women whose lives she’s changed.

Spring 2022 Features
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