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Winter 2019

Winter 2019

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Documentation of an Occupation

New Libraries Exhibit Showcases Publications in Post-WWII Japan By Colleen Crowley M.Jour. ’19 | Image courtesy of the Gordon W. Prange Collection On the…
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Newly Discovered Shark Named for UMD Biologist

by Chris Carroll | Shark photo courtesy of Maralliance / Clark photo courtesy of University Archives A newly identified species of deep-sea shark was named…
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“Feeling Good” at Blues Great’s Home

National Trust to Preserve Nina Simone’s Birthplace, Following UMD Report By Carly Taylor '19 | Photo illustration by Margaret Hall / Simone photo courtesy of…
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Time of Our Lives

Short on free time? A UMD lab shows how society may be robbing you of yours—or giving you a bonus. by Chris Carroll | Illustrations by Jason Keisling A…
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Athletics Reflects and Rebuilds

Department Presses Ahead to Protect Student-Athletes By Terp Staff | Photo by John T. Consoli / Locksley photo by Greg Fiume/Maryland Athletics Maryland…
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Model to Forecast Cholera Outbreaks

by Chris Carroll | Illustration by Kelsey Marotta Research by Maryland microbiologist Rita Colwell is enabling a new international aid effort to predict…
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Digesting Dining Waste

A Guide to How Dining Hall Waste Has Vanished By Lauren Brown | Photo by Stephanie S. Cordle Remember dumping your tray at the conveyor belt on your way…
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Damage, Controlled

UMD Researcher Shares With Veterans What Helped Him Heal From War: Writing by Liam Farrell | Portrait by John T. Consoli / Illustration by B Creative…
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Leadership Lessons

Immersive Gettysburg Experience Shows Business Students How to Lead by Liam Farrell | Photo illustration by Matt Laumann / Padfolio image by iStock It’s…
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