Fast Break With New Head Hoops Coach

Kevin Willard guides Julian Reese through a drill

Head Coach Kevin Willard guides forward Julian Reese in a drill.

Fall 2022 Campus Life

Get to Know Kevin Willard Through a Rapid-Fire Q&A

When Kevin Willard flipped on University of Maryland basketball games in the ‘90s, he was struck by the style and confidence that Coach Gary Williams exuded right through the TV screen as he sprinted down the sideline and the Terps alley-ooped.

Now, Willard intends to bring some of that swagger to the squad himself as he prepares for his first season as its head coach. Named to the role in March, he has the resume to get the job done: He most recently guided Seton Hall University to its fifth appearance in the last six NCAA tournaments, and he has won regular-season and conference tournament titles as well as Big East coach of the year honors in the past six seasons.

But beyond the playbook, he’s fueled by friends, family and maybe a little rock ‘n’ roll—even if he wishes he were better at singing along.

He took a timeout with Terp to answer a series of quick Q’s, offering fans a glimpse of what makes him tick.

Sports Team I Cheered for Growing Up
New York Knicks

Best Pregame Music

Favorite Sports Movie

The Person I Most Admire
My father

A Talent I’d Like to Have

Best Coaching Advice I’ve Received
When you walk to practice and that’s not the best part of your day, you shouldn’t be in this business.

Proudest Achievement
Being a dad

Best Life Decision
Marrying my wife

Most Prized Possession
Our bronze-medal ball from the 2019 FIBA Pan-American Games. Representing our country (as an assistant coach) was an amazing experience.

Greatest Fear

I’m Happiest When ...
I’m just relaxing with my friends and family.

Personal Motto
I say three words every morning: “Positive people produce.”

A Season Is Successful When ...
Your players are rewarded for their efforts.


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