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Our New Year’s resolution remains the same every year: Stay Fearless.

It’s simple yet profound, and it encapsulates the very essence of what it means to be a Terp. Our alum community is a force to be reckoned with, connected by an unyielding spirit. What can’t you do with a community like ours to back you up?

Earn that promotion. Start your own business. Build new relationships. Reconnect with old friends. Learn a new trick. See more of the world. Get back in the gym. As you jot down goals for the year, I encourage you to engage your fellow Terps. Use Terrapins Connect for mentoring and networking opportunities, or become a mentor yourself. If you want some inspiration, join our Terps Thrive 30-day women empowerment series, or plan a much-needed getaway and join a traveling group of Terps.

My resolution for 2024 is to give my time to uplift my local community. I hope you’ll join me as a volunteer at one of our many events this year; we’d love your support.

Together, we can unleash the full potential of our high-powered community. As your Alumni Association, we’re committed to providing you with the tools and resources to stay fearless in your pursuits, forever.

Stand tall, stay bold and stay driven. We’ve got your back.

Go Terps!

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Amy Eichhorst
Associate Vice President, Alumni and Donor Relations
Executive Director, Alumni Association

The Alumni Excellence Awards

University of Maryland graduates are among the best and brightest in their fields. From scholars and innovators to entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers, our alums are leaving their mark in our state, nation and the world. The Alumni Excellence Awards recognize the accomplishments of select Terps and honor these recipients with distinction. Careful consideration was made in selecting the following standout alums, our 2023 recipients of the Alumni Excellence Awards.

Learn more at

Rising Terp Award

The following alums are an inspiration to the next generation of Terp leaders. All under the age of 30, they have already made significant professional accomplishments.

Vice President, Ardea Partners

Pettus has harnessed his expertise in finance and global investments to help students at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, serving on the Young Alumni Council and establishing a scholarship fund.

Operations Director, Audelia Community Response Team

Hernandez co-created the Latinx-centered nonprofit with the mission “El pueblo takes care of el pueblo,” delivering food and services to the most marginalized families and individuals in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

Independent Research Scholar, National Institutes of Health

Fathi builds tools to understand why immune systems sometimes attack healthy tissues, which can then help to develop therapies that treat autoimmune diseases and cancer, with a particular focus on the thyroid.

EnTERPreneur Award

These Terps are fearlessly disrupting their industries as successful entrepreneurs who have notably contributed to their respective fields.

Cofounder and CEO, StartUp Health

A health care entrepreneur, Krein has created a worldwide network of 200,000 innovators, industry leaders and investors who are committed to reinventing the future of health.

CEO and Founder, Kander

As founder of an award-winning woman- and minority-founded Salesforce global consulting firm, Agarwal has brought customer-centric approaches to some of the nation’s largest firms.


President AND CEO, Curbio

Under Rudman, Curbio helps Realtors market and sell homes quickly by offering sellers “pay-at-closing” home improvements that result in a 28% average increase in price.

Research Award

The University of Maryland is one of the world’s premier research institutions. This award recognizes four alums for their transformational research and its impact.

Herbert Jones Professor of Math, Princeton University

Considered one of the world’s most versatile mathematicians, Fefferman has brought new insights into fluid dynamics and quantum mechanics while working to solve long-standing math problems.

Professor of American Studies, Christopher Newport University

White is a nationally recognized historian who has written or edited 13 books and more than 100 articles, essays and reviews about the Civil War, slavery and emancipation, African American history, Abraham Lincoln and the U.S. Constitution.

Professor, University of Chicago

Dickinson has made high-impact contributions to chemical biology by combining small molecule chemistry with protein and RNA design and evolution. His work helps us better understand human disease.

James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

Levin is one of the most influential ecologists and evolutionary biologists of our time, an expert in ecosystems, the dynamics of disease, and the coupling of ecological and socioeconomic systems.

Legacy Award

This distinguished award honors alums who left a positive legacy in their community, celebrating their personal and professional lifetime achievements.

President and CEO, Gardens Home Management Services

A former president of the Alumni Association Board of Governors and trustee of the University of Maryland, College Park Foundation, Sollins provides home management services to Florida residents.

Cofounder, International Women’s Coffee Alliance

The former Folgers Coffee brand assistant for Procter & Gamble has worked with farmers around the world to improve and receive higher prices for their product.

National Program Leader for Public Policy, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture (Retired)

The author of five books, Dorsey has been a leader in promoting diversity and social justice while promoting the competitiveness of U.S. agriculture through policy analysis, education and support for state university-operated economic ventures.


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