Maryland, Start Your Engines

Survey Shows Cars Fuel Post-COVID Commute

While nearly two-thirds of Marylanders continue to work remotely post-pandemic, those who brave the daily commute are overwhelmingly behind the wheel—even when the office is less than a mile away.

A survey by UMD’s National Center for Smart Growth for the Maryland Department of Transportation offers a surprising snapshot of commuting’s “new normal”—but also indicates a desire by respondents for more sustainable modes to work, says Chester Harvey, director of the center’s Transportation Policy Research Group.

“The good news is a lot of the infrastructure is in place,” he says. “The trends we’re seeing will help MDOT evaluate opportunities for investments in transit, sidewalks and bike lanes that are efficient and inviting.”

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  • 90% of commuters regularly drive (even if their trip is less than 1 mile)
  • The average commute would take 5 times longer by bus or train vs. car
  • Vehicle miles traveled in Maryland have dropped 17% since the pandemic
  • 35% of commuters live within 5 miles of work


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