Road-Ready Reptile

Before there was “Fear the Turtle,” something scarier crawled across the UMD campus: Testudo II. The mean, green mascot machine funded by the Student Government Association had Penn State’s Nittany Lion mascot cowering in fear at a 1965 football game. It was mobile, monstrous and impossible to miss, yet it went missing eight years later. What was its fate? And who’s the guy in the cool coat in this uncredited pic from University Archives? If you know, or have your own story about Testudo II, email us at Come back in the next issue to find the responses and another unique photographic take on UMD history.

two women perform equestrian gymnastics


A pair of Terps ponied up information on our photo from the Fall 2023 issue. Charley McCullough M.S. ’75 and Kathryn Pickard ’75 IDed the Stetson-wearing fellow as James P. McCall, a Texas A&M product who came to UMD establish a horse management program in the College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences. The women were performing equestrian vaulting, a blend of gymnastics and dance on horseback.


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