Can You Make Sense of This Horseplay?

Kathy Steffens and Kathy Davis ’75 hop in the saddle and strike a pose as they perform some “equestrian gymnastics”—but that’s all the info the 1975 Diamondback article offers on this flexible, fearless feat. Why did they bring a four-legged friend to the mane event? And who’s that cross-legged fellow in the Stetson? Send any intel to terpfeedback@umd.edu and check back next issue, where we’ll publish the responses we receive along with another eye-catching archival photo.

students dance on McKeldin Mall


Terp reader Michael Heitt ’89 recognized his former UMD roommate, Bryan Gordon ’90, “skanking” (center, back facing camera) to the Checkered Cabs’ ska-punk tunes at the 1995 Art Attack. “Bryan’s a great guy and can still be found at music festivals from New England to Georgia.”

Ska fan Bridgett Bobowiec ’03 wrote that the dance moves “required some coordination of alternating arms and kicking either leg forward with a kind of skip back,” adding, “I was fond of the double time on one side.” She shared fond memories of rocking to the Checkered Cabs at the former Phantasmagoria club in Wheaton, Md., in 1998.


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