drops falling onto surface

Roll Over, Paper Towels

Engineers’ Picker-Upper Is Even Quicker

Spring 2023 Explorations
Keisha Prawl-Woods stands in the forest

A Season of Healing

REI-Funded Center Promotes Nature-Based Research and Reparation

Spring 2023 Explorations
liquid dropping into test tubes

Antidote to Overdoses: A Universal Treatment

New Compound Fights Both Fentanyl and Meth in Bloodstream

Spring 2023 Explorations
woman with briefcase walking through red tape

Why Noncompetes Could Soon Be a Non-Thing

Maryland Economist’s Studies Fueled Federal Drive to Ban Controversial Employee Contracts

Spring 2023 Explorations Faculty Q&A

Wildlife Ecologist Explains How to Get Ticks Off, Not Ticked Off

Ask a Researcher: Advice for Real Life

Spring 2023 Explorations
green leaves

$30M in Grand Challenges Grants Awarded

Unprecedented UMD Research Program Targets Climate, Racial Justice, Energy and More

Spring 2023 Explorations
pants on fire illustration

The Big Question

What’s Been the Most Significant Lie or Untruth Told to the Public?

Winter 2023 Explorations
Rod Brunson portrait

Moving Beyond ‘Getting Tough’

Amid Spiraling Violence, Criminologist Studies New Approaches to Gun Crime

Winter 2023 Explorations Faculty Q&A
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Electromagnetic Control Could Pull Surgery Into the Future

UMD Mechanical Engineering Researcher Is ‘Disarming’ Surgery Robots

Winter 2023 Explorations
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