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Electromagnetic Control Could Pull Surgery Into the Future

UMD Mechanical Engineering Researcher Is ‘Disarming’ Surgery Robots

Winter 2023 Explorations
rowhouses in Baltimore

Roots of Injustice

Research Finds More Vulnerable Tree Canopy in Redlined Baltimore

Winter 2023 Explorations
House with a garden

Backyard Climate Guard

Extension Experts: Climate-Resilient Gardening’s Just a Few Steps Away

Winter 2023 Explorations
Progressively closer photos of Dimorphos

Planetary Protectors

Terps Helped Propel NASA Mission to Redirect an Asteroid

Winter 2023 Explorations
weaved-together photos of singers/bands

Cover Stories

ARHU Dean’s Podcast Debates Musical Remakes

Winter 2023 Explorations

Flipping the Channel

New Professor Left Cable News for Climate Data Science

Fall 2022 Explorations Faculty Q&A
Collage of TV and movie images

The Big Question

What’s the Best or Worst Fictionalized Depiction of Your Field in Film, TV or a Book?

Fall 2022 Explorations
student raises hand in classroom

At Journey’s End, a Warmer Welcome

Researcher Studies How Schools Can Better Integrate Young Unaccompanied Migrants

Fall 2022 Explorations
Painting of Ukraine flag colors with Twitter birds

Big Data ‘Early Alarm’ for Ukraine Abuses

System Analyzes Millions of Tweets Daily to Quickly Pinpoint Atrocities, Refugee Flows

Fall 2022 Explorations
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