Painting of Ukraine flag colors with Twitter birds

Big Data ‘Early Alarm’ for Ukraine Abuses

System Analyzes Millions of Tweets Daily to Quickly Pinpoint Atrocities, Refugee Flows

Fall 2022 Explorations
illustration of nasal COVID vaccine

Right in the Nose

Inhaled Vaccine Creates Immunity Where It’s Most Needed

Fall 2022 Explorations
couch and chair with rainbow rug

A New ‘Script’ for LGTBQ+ Patient Caregivers

Training Program Aims to Improve Mental Health Treatment

Fall 2022 Explorations
Painting of woman at table with "hey," "wyd" text bubbles

How to Make Friends as an Adult—and Keep Them

In New Book, Psychologist Debunks Myths, Offers Tips

Fall 2022 Explorations
signs prohibiting guns

Signs of the Times

Dean’s Expert Testimony Illuminates Texas ‘No Guns’ Case

Fall 2022 Explorations
People at Planet Word

A ‘Word’ About Research

Museum-based Project Engages Broader Public on Language Science

Fall 2022 Explorations
Watering can illustration

The Big Question

What’s the Smallest Change People Can Make to Have the Biggest Positive Impact on Society?

Spring 2022 Explorations
James Webb Space Telescope

Telescope Terps

Hubble’s Giant Successor Has Plenty of Connections to UMD

Spring 2022 Explorations
Illustration of person dropped mask behind them as they walk, with sanitizer and glove on the ground behind them

Lockdown Breakdown

Study Finds Fatigue With Mobility Restrictions Sets in Quickly

Spring 2022 Explorations
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